First Quarter Statistics

First Quarter statistics are out from the Randolph County Multiple Listing Service!  Sales remain steady during the first quarter with 54 sales this time last year.  The sales volume has improved, with $5.06 million in 2016.  The average residential sales price in 2016 was $98,754, which shows strong sales prices.  The median sales price in 2016 was $85,800.    Thank you to everyone who played a part in this.  Just love to see a “seller’s market” in the Randolph County area!Statistics Quarterly


Why You Shouldn’t Let A Website Tell You Your Home’s Value










Picture this…

There’s an inexperienced real estate agent in your town.

He hasn’t sold any homes yet.

He wants to drum up some business.

So, he climbs up onto your roof and paints what he estimates to be the value of your home.

He feels like this could be a win-win:

YOU get to know the value of your house, so he was helpful to you, without even having to meet with him…

… and HE gets to show you how that he knows his stuff. Hopefully you’ll turn to him for help once you want to sell your home.

But you’re kind of ticked off, aren’t you?

First off, this guy painted on your roof. That’s just vandalism.

Beyond that, he wasn’t even close to accurate! The value he painted up there is tens of thousands of dollars off.

He didn’t even see inside your home

You notice he did the same thing to all the other houses in the area.

He seems off on the value of all of them.

It’s still kind of intriguing, though, because you’re like, “Hmm, I always felt like Bill’s place was worth less than mine. Looks like I was right. But there’s no way Gary’s house is worth more than mine, that agent is craaaazy. Unless maybe Gary did some major remodeling inside…”

But how would the agent know? He never even went inside your neighbor’s house. Or your house. Or anyone else’s house.

He just eyeballed everyone’s house from outside, and took a quick peek at some data available to the public. Then slapped his estimate up on your roof for everyone to see.

His estimates are all over the place. Some high. Some low. Once in a while he seems to be somewhat in the ballpark.

His “value” affects your actual value

Beside the fact that this guy vandalized your roof, now you have people sizing up the value of your home based upon a number he came up with, without even seeing inside your home.

It was careless and thoughtless.

He lacked respect for your privacy, your equity, and ultimately your wealth. The value of your home can now be viewed by anyone, for whatever reason they feel.

It would be even worse if you were in the middle of trying to sell your home, and now you have buyers pulling up, seeing your painted roof, and considering his estimate when (and if) they make an offer.

Can you imagine if a real estate agent actually did this?!

You’d probably want to report him to the police, his real estate broker, the real estate commission… and all of your friends, family and neighbors.

You’d want everyone to know not to trust this guy, or give him any business.

Online valuation sites are basically doing this to you

You’ve probably seen or heard about websites where you can look up the value of your house (or anyone else’s house) for free.

It seems great because there’s no need to even talk to a real estate agent. Just pop in the address, and voila, you get to see the value of the home.

You might figure that it’s super accurate, since they use fancy algorithms and stuff.

However, these online real estate valuation sites are all basically painting a number on your roof, without ever having gone inside, and without ever having sold a house. And they’re definitely not experts in your local market.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it.

They’re using public data to come up with their estimates. They didn’t steal anything. They didn’t actually paint on your roof (they just hover a value over it digitally).

They post disclaimers about their accuracy (or lack thereof), at least if you really, really look for them.

Plus, who would you even report them to anyway?!

Start valuing real estate agents’ values

The thing is, these sites exist because people tend to like them, and look at them. They wouldn’t exist if people didn’t continue to click on them. But people do.

They certainly are convenient, and entertaining, even if they are not accurate.

Many people just don’t want to deal with real estate agents, until and unless they have to. But that’s actually what you should be doing if you want an accurate value of your home.

Great real estate agents take a lot of time and pride in estimating the value of a home. This is not something you can do remotely by simply reviewing public data and algorithms.

In order to be accurate, even a local real estate agent needs to see inside of your home.

So, instead of encouraging these online valuation sites to exist, by visiting their sites and clicking around…

…click on a local real estate agent’s site, and invite him or her in to take a look at your house, and come up with an accurate value.

Don’t rely on an online valuation.

And, whenever possible, spread the word about the inaccuracy of these online valuations because they can affect the perceived value of your home… and beyond. And they will exist as long as people continue to pay them any attention.

Pay attention to real estate agents instead.

How to get your House Ready to Sell

How to get your House Ready to Sell

Selling your house is super stressful and can be very difficult. There are so many things that need to get done! Painting, prepping, patching, perfecting… and that’s just before you list it. Then you have to get it spotless and take photographs for the listing. Who should you list it with, is there really a difference in agencies? What should you look for in a realtor? Having been in this business over 25 years, I have a few things I’d like to share with you…


Curb Appeal: You only get one chance to make a good first impression. So don’t neglect your yard and the exterior of your home. A good rule of thumb is to visit some newer neighborhood homes in your area. What is on the porch? What does the landscaping look like? If you find elements you like, feel free to copy them.   Add pretty, personalized touches that go above and beyond that a buyer is going to appreciate. For instance, a front porch could have an American flag and maybe some potted flowering plants.



Warm Welcome: My broker/mentor once told me that the first room in your house should make everyone who walks in want to see the rest of it. Make a statement in your entry. Your entry should give clues as to what to expect throughout the rest of your house. Make sure the paint is fresh. I would recommend going through and touching up the floor boards and trim, as well as the banister. No detail is too small!  Clean sells!



Declutter: Make sure your rooms appear open, fresh, and clutter free. I am all about accessories and decor, but not too much. I have also heard that you should remove family photographs. However, sometimes the photographs are so much a part of the decor and if they are used pretty minimally, you may decide to keep some of them displayed.  We want a buyer looking at the room and asking him or herself if their furniture will fit there…not “who are these people in the photographs?”



Add Appealing Elements: So you just got rid of your clutter, now it’s time to bring back a few elements that will look clean and appealing to potential buyers and while adding a “homey” feel. Think vases filled with fresh flowers, pretty soaps by the kitchen sink, a couple antique candle sticks. You get the picture.



















Hire a Photographer: I’m a Realtor.  I take photographs of homes a lot. But when it comes  to listing my own house,  I’d hire a professional real estate photographer. I have a great camera but I just can’t  capture the whole room. The professional photographer is worth every penny.  Photos really help sell a house.  Good ones, that is.  They can capture the essence of a room…



List It Baby: Let the beauty of the Multiple Listing Service work for you!  There’s so many steps a Realtor is trained to help you with, over 170 steps last time I counted…Advantage Real Estate is the ONLY agency in the Moberly market that belongs to TWO Multiple Listing Services.  This exposure to Randolph County real estate licensees as well as the Columbia, MO real estate agencies is a huge benefit to you when selling!  (Not all of our area competitors are even in an MLS. )


What to Look for in a Realtor: Here’s my thing… I think that if your house is listed and the photos look good and your pricing is within reason you are going to get showings regardless of who is listing your house. In all my years of experience, I’ve talked to hundreds of sellers, and the most important thing they want is frequent and honest communication.  Sure, sometimes I don’t have good news to tell them.  But feedback after showing is important, market changes are important, any pricing changes to your competition is important.  Just to hear from their agent is important.  Ask around for references for which agent to help you!




There you have it! I hope these tips make your life just a little easier as you prepare to sell your home. A call to Advantage Real Estate, or a referral to one of our agents is much appreciated! 660-263-3393