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Just a note to let you know how we may be able to help you or someone you refer to us.

Tony and Joanne were considering remodeling and adding on to the back of their home, but were concerned that they might be over improving the property for their street.

They called us for a consultation.  Our full time real estate expertise combined with state of the art technology allowed us to compare the final cost of their plans versus the current and projected market value of their home.  We found that their plans for expansion would cost more than purchasing another home with similar square footage and amenities.

If you know of someone in a similar situation who just wants to learn and explore their options, please let us know.  Remember, everyone wants to live in the best house on the street, but no one wants to pay for it!

Windows need replacing?

Windows need replacing? 


This is a public service announcement for residents of the city of Moberly, MO.   I continue to meet many people who are still unaware of an ordinance with the city pertaining to window replacement.  When occupancy changes in a residence within the city limits, either due to sale or rental, the occupant must have an occupancy permit in order to obtain water service.  In order to obtain the occupancy permit, the inspector from the Fire Department will come out (at a $45 cost) to inspect the premises.

Among other items, if any bedroom windows have been replaced since original construction of the house, at least one bedroom window in each bedroom needs to meet egress code in order to pass the occupancy inspection.  We’ve had two homes we’ve sold very recently inside the city limits that the owners had already spent thousands to replace their windows.  Make sure your contractor checks with the City authorities to make sure the right size windows are being installed before they get purchased and installed.  It’s a sad day when replacement windows have to be replaced in order to obtain an occupancy permit.  This most probably pertains to TV and internet companies selling windows to our residents who are unfamiliar with our codes.  Help us spread the word!


Call our office at 660-263-3393 and we can provide the inspection list and contact information.

Dress Up Your Outside Too!

Dress Up Your Outside Too!


Lush & Inviting

Lush & Inviting

Springtime is here and what better time to share advice I’ve learned over the years.  My husband studied agronomy in college and taught me many things about lawn maintenance.  Each spring we (I?) fertilize early with crabgrass preventer.  It’s time now to do so before the little sprouts emerge from the ground.  This will green up your yard in an amazing way!  Some consider this punishment.  But if you’re selling your house, you also need to appeal from the street view.  Is your lawn full of weeds, dandelions and clover?

Spend a little time here.  Invest in a sprayer that hooks up to your garden hose and spray the Weed B Gone type chemical directly on the grass.  This will kill the clover and dandelions, chickweed too.  All those pesky weeds that sprout up within two days of mowing and make your lawn look like you haven’t mowed in weeks.  Instead let’s go for lush and inviting.  The alternative is you can hire a lawn care service.


When we last moved 4 years ago, my husband fertilized about this time of year and mowed the grass religiously, especially right before a showing.  I truly think it helped appeal to the person who bought our house.   The bonus is that once the fertilizer slows down, you actually don’t have to mow as often to achieve a neat lawn because there’s no weeds to mow!

You DON'T want this!!

You DON’T want this!!


Just a simple tip this time…Call me if you need some encouragement in this area.  I might even let you use my sprayer.