How to sell your house quickly this spring


Pristine lawn care is the key!  Just making sure the grass is cut regularly is enough for a yard, but if you are trying to sell a house and want a pristine landscape that gives your house real curb appeal, then you might consider a professional lawn care service. Because the competition is increasing in the Moberly, MO market, you need to make sure the home you are selling is a cut above the rest. When potential buyers approach your “for sale” sign, you need to grab their attention and admiration at the curb and not let go until they sign the papers.

Usually when people upgrade or remodel a home for the purpose of selling it, they spend almost all of their budget on the inside flooring and new kitchen appliances and leave very little for the lawn care, which is the first thing a buyer sees. It has been said that a first impression may be the last so you need to address this issue if you really want to sell your house. A seller may have the very nicest house on the block inside the doors but if the yard isn’t manicured well, then perhaps you have not presented the appealing picture that you could be presenting.


Spend some dollars this spring to rid your lawn of all the clover, dandelions and such with some WeedBGone.  This can be purchased at the local hardware store in liquid form or granular form.  My husband encourages me to use the concentrated liquid type and distribute it directly on the lawn using a gadget that connects to the garden hose.  Then be sure to fertilize it as well.  This will green up your lawn.  Yes, it will make it grow, but this may be the part of the spruce up that appeals to the next potential buyer for your home!  We apply this ourselves, however you can hire a lawn care service to do this as well.  It’s worth the investment, especially at a time such as this!

How to Make Updates to Attract Buyers

comfortable bedroom with nice decoration

Open the curtains and let in the sunlight!  Everyone seems happier in a comfortable sun filled room & add a splash of color with an accent pillow!

Perhaps you’re thinking of selling your home and want a few ideas that won’t break the bank…Well first I’d recommend cleaning out the closets and all the nooks and crannies, and box up what you’re not using.  This is a good time to pack away many of the photos you have displayed around the house.  Now, don’t take it personal.  We don’t want people to look at who’s in the photos, we want them to look at your house and admire the room layout, the storage and the good features of your house!

For a few hundred dollars you can make some simple fixes that will bring many times the return in value:

Apply a fresh coat of paint.  Paint and supplies will probably take up the biggest chunk of your budget because it’s the quickest way to transform your entire space. Keep costs low by doing it yourself. You can find great deals on recycled paint with the City of Moberly paint recycling center, which is available in a range of neutrals. While you’re at it, grab some basic white for touching up the trim inside and out.

Work on your curb appeal.  First impressions can help get buyers through the door yet don’t have to cost a fortune. Save money by borrowing a pressure washer from a friend or family member and freshening up the landscaping with free mulch from the city.  Moberly has free mulch at their station just north of Westlake’s off N. Morley Street.  Simple entryway additions—like potted flowers, a new welcome mat and a bold color on the front door—make a big difference without a huge investment.

Refresh kitchen details.  Can’t afford a complete kitchen facelift? No problem! This is a great place to sweat the small stuff. Buy decorative kitchen towels and dress cabinets up with modern hardware. A bowl of fresh fruit or a vase of cut flowers will brighten up your kitchen counter.

Set a relaxing mood in the master bedroom.  Everyone wants a special place to retreat to at the end of the day. So why not create a relaxing space that puts buyers at ease? Score spa-like bedding at your neighborhood discount store and add a touch of luxury with a few extra throw pillows.

Go for squeaky clean in the bathrooms.  Revamp your bathroom by eliminating any trace of “ick.” Stock up on fresh towels, shower curtain liners and pretty soaps at the local dollar store. A tube of caulk does double-duty by banishing mildew and creating neat edges around the bathtub.  Or check out Pinterest for cost-effective tips on cleaning the tub with Dawn dish soap and white vinegar.  I use it faithfully!

Of course, every home is personal.  Need help figuring out where to focus your fix-up dollars? Ask a real estate pro at Advantage Real Estate in Moberly, MO to point you in the right direction. A good agent can help you prioritize your to-dos and keep you from spending a dime more than necessary to get top dollar for your home.