Why Fall and Winter can still be a prime selling time…

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.

I’m often asked during this time of year, what should a home seller do?   Leave my home on the market, or take it off till spring?  They hear lots of opinions from people out there, yet in nearly 24 years of business in the Moberly, MO area, I’ve witnessed many homes selling during that time frame that may have been considered “hard to sell” homes.  You see, when fall hits, some sellers choose not to extend their listing, and instead wait till “peak” season starts again in the spring.  But there still are people whose homes will go under contract, and they will need somewhere to live!  So they choose from the available inventory.   Plus, depending on the winter we have, how much snow and how long it lasts, people still are motivated to buy and sell!  Last year’s fall and winter was a very busy time for Advantage Real Estate!


So if you know someone wanting to make a move, buy their first house, or know what’s happening in the market, tell them to call their favorite agent at Advantage Real Estate.  They might just be amazed at the bargain they can find!

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