What should you do if you find your dream home before you sell yours?


What should you do if you find your dream home before you sell yours?


With homes in many markets being snatched up left and right, it’s easy to let your emotions take over when you find that perfect home. But what if your current home still hasn’t sold? Should you double down and buy the new one anyway?


Let caution be your guide!  Perhaps you CAN afford double payments, but the uncertainty of not selling in a timely fashion is a lot of pressure.   The one exception may be if your current home is fully paid for and you have funds set aside in savings.


So what should you do to get your current home sold before someone snatches up your dream home?

* Set the Stage for Success:  Make sure your home is clutter free, clean, and shiny!  Wash the windows, clear out the clutter, and dress it up with a fresh coat of paint—whatever it takes to make your home’s shining features stand out. Don’t forget to pack up all your personal effects so buyers can picture themselves taking center stage in your home.


Price It Right: Buyers will pass on a home that’s priced too high, without even taking an up-close look. So what’s the secret to perfect pricing? Start by taking the emotion out of the equation. No matter how much you think your home is worth or what you owe on your mortgage, it’s the market that matters. One of the agents from Advantage Real Estate can run a comparative market analysis to show you how much homes in your area are selling for.


* Get Expert Help: You shouldn’t have to put your dream home on hold just because your agent takes a part-time approach to real estate.  Partner with an agent who has a track record for getting results and will be honest about what it takes to attract buyers. Don’t be afraid to ask important questions, like whether the agent specializes in your area of town and how many properties they’ve sold in the past year. A stellar agent closes at least 40 transactions per year.


With a little patience, a lot of hard work and an experienced real estate agent as your guide, you’ll be placing that “sold” sign in your yard in no time. Hopefully, you’re off to a great start with an agent who’s already helping you move the needle.  Call us, we’d love to help you with that next step!  Advantage Real Estate 660-263-3393, or on the web at www.AskAdvantage.com.

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