What do I do with partial gallons of used paint?


Did you know that Moberly has a place to take your partially used gallons (and other sizes too) of paint?  The City of Moberly offers a free service to area residents to dispose of their hazardous materials (like oil based paint, latex paint, outdoor chemicals, etc.).  The household hazardous waste facility is located next door to the dog pound.

Where is that, you may ask?    Well, if you’ve traveled the outer road between Hwy EE and Hwy 24 (parallel to Hwy 63), you’ll see the two buildings in the bottom ground near the bridge closer to Hwy EE.  Both of these buildings have a green metal roof.   You can drive your vehicle there by coming off Hwy EE to the entrance of the cemetery across from Cater Funeral Home parking lot.  Just follow the road along, till you see a directional sign pointing you to the right.  Here’s a picture to show you’re on the right track…it’s the view from above of the two buildings you are approching.

approching the paint recycling center

Drive to the bottom of the hill, and this is the building you’ll need to go to.  It’s open on the second Saturday of the month from 8 to noon.

paint recycling

The City of Moberly will accept your extra unused paint, which is helpful when you are selling your home or simply cleaning out the garage.  Best of all, they color coordinate their donations and are able to provide free paint if you need some.  This has been helpful to many people on a budget, also it helps keep our landfill free of this material!  Call the City of Moberly 660-263-4420 and ask for Geri if you need to arrange a specific time to donate that’s not the second Saturday of the month!

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