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Marketing Homes to Sell Quickly in the Moberly Area

Pricing is crucial at all times but is even more important when there is a lot of competition. The following is information on marketing homes to sell quickly in the Moberly, MO area.

Understand Market Trends

Each local market varies. When you hear about information on the news, those usually relate to national averages. The region we are in – in the Midwest – may not fit that generalization. A Moberly real estate agent can provide a market analysis which considers sales of comparable real estate in your area and produce an expected price range for a home. This range will vary continually, so do not rely on old figures from sales beyond the past year.  Typically, the appraisers are required to have relevant sales within the past 4 months to 12 months.

Remain Realistic

When viewing the market figures, be aware that there is a range of values when pricing a property. Your real estate agent should provide comparable sales that have sold in the past 12 months that are as similar to your property:  style, year built, square footage and lot size are a few of the factors involved.  The value of a home depends sometimes on other factors, like recent renovations, competition on the market, and a seller’s need to sell quickly or not.   As a seller, it is understandable to be proud of your property and the time and effort invested. Unfortunately, not all potential buyers will give equal value to particular renovations. Expect that you may not get back the total amount spent on repairs. Sometimes some repairs like a new roof or furnace come under the category of “home maintenance” to a prospective buyer.  Furthermore, market values may be impacted by foreclosures in the region, which are typically sold at lower prices and are still considered comparable listings. “Market value” is actually the amount that a home buyer is willing to pay for a listing during a particular time. It may not necessarily be close to your requirements or resemble the price at which you purchased the property.  A willing seller makes the deal happen.

Some Final Words for Homeowners

Listen to the advice of your real estate professional!  It may be that you have a need to sell quickly, and the best approach is to price your house to within 4-6% of a fair market valuation to attract a buyer quickly.  Right now our local market has a shortage of homes for sale, so now is a good time to list your home!  We have buyers in our pipeline ready to act when the right property comes on the market.  Many of those home sellers who have kept their home on the market during the winter months have benefitted from the pool of qualified buyers that are ready to act!  Just remember that time and money are related, and overpricing can be more damaging than you expect. For more information on marketing homes to sell quickly in the Moberly area, contact your favorite Realtor at Advantage Real Estate!

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