Seller’s Guide to Electronic Showing Notifications

Sellers enjoy working with ShowingTime because it makes it easy for their home to be shown!

Learn more about who ShowingTime is along with a few tips to ensure you and your home are prepared for showings.


Q: Who is ShowingTime?
A: ShowingTime provides showing management and feedback technologies for real estate agents, home owners and buyers alike. ShowingTime’s main focus is to ensure that people who are interested in touring your home can easily and effectively set up an appointment which in turn will notify you or your agent.

Q: As a seller, what do I need to do?
A: Your agent and ShowingTime will take care of bringing buyers to your home… all you need to do is prepare your home for showings.

Q: Will I be notified when a showing is scheduled?
A: Yes, you can receive an email and/or text message if you’d like. Appointments fall into two categories:

  • Go & Show – for listings where no appointment is required and the showing request can be immediately confirmed upon request.
  • Appointment Required – a confirmation must be obtained from the seller, tenant and/or listing agent before the showing may occur.

In each case, you may still elect to receive notifications.

Tips for Showings

Check your messages
ShowingTime will contact you via email and/or text messages, the sooner ShowingTime receives your response the sooner the agent will be informed that they can show. Delayed responses or missed notification could mean missed showings.

Communicate the importance of showing with others in the household
If everyone relays messages about showings, none will be missed.

Have your home ready to show at any time
It’s tough to keep your home in  tip-top shape every moment, but the practice of preparing it for showings – always neat, always clean, limited clutter – will result in higher likelihood of an offer. All of you asethetic elements combine to create an impression which could lead to a contract.

Be prepared for “drive-up” showings
Occasionally agents may drive past your home and have a buyer in the car. Your home may have terrific curb appeal and result in the buyer wanting to see your home at that moment. Be prepared for those showings; it could be the one that results in a contract. Neither ShowingTime or your agent can control a buyers ambition to window shop.

One-Way Text Message & Email Notifications

Electronic notifications are perfect for the busy homeowner. Easily confirm or decline showings by using the provided links in your email. Don’t need to confirm appointments but want to be notified of any and all showings? That’s OK, too! Sellers can just be notified of confirmed or cancelled showing appointments.

The Simplicity of ShowingTime

With each email notification, ShowingTime will provide you with a quick access link which can be used to open your personalized version of ShowingTime. These links can be accessed via any Browser including those on your desktop, phone or tablet!