I Can’t Believe It’s Been 20 Years Already!!!!

Just reminiscing a bit today…our office is finishing up 20 years in business in the Moberly area market and starting our 21st year in 2017. Many of you do not know that my parents started Advantage Real Estate and were experienced real estate agents moving here from the Houston Texas area. They had 3 successful real estate offices at one time. The oil recession changed a lot of lives back then. They started Advantage Real Estate with a guarantee for service that states if you are not happy with our service, you can withdraw at no obligation. When I joined their team after being at another major franchise in town, I kid you not: someone either called or came by every day of the week for a year and told us they were glad there was another choice in town! We’ve built our business by staying in touch with our clients, giving them feedback after showings, keeping them informed as much as possible every step of the way in their transaction. For that we say Thank You to all that we have touched through the years!  We’d be happy to help you or a friend you know in their next real estate transaction. Have them call one of our friendly agents at Advantage Real Estate.  660-263-3393 

Feel free to share if we’ve made a difference in your life! 

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