Do You Know Who Does the Plowing?

I’ve lived in the Moberly, MO area going on 30 years now, and I’ve come to realize that many people don’t know what you know…sounds deep, doesn’t it?  We know what we like and what we don’t.  We know which area we would want to live in, we know the favorite and popular restaurants.  We have our favorite doctor, drug store, and walking route.

But there’s a whole lot we don’t know too.  There’s so much we don’t even want to attempt to put into numbers…Because we don’t know what we don’t know.

I’d like to think I’m pretty well-educated.  Four year degree from Texas A&M University, BS in Chemical Engineering.  (Ask me how I got in real estate sometime…).  Meeting people who are looking for houses, or even wanting to sell theirs, the things we think we know and the things we realize we don’t know are amazing.  You know?

There’s many things you can find answers to online, yet there are SO many things you can’t.  Plus the factor that we all lead busy lives.  Sometimes crazy busy!

I have a young family I’m helping in the house hunting process right now.  The wife works from home while the husband has a job in town.  They have a 4 year old daughter with typical needs:  they want a nice neighborhood, room for a dog, enough bedrooms for their family and possibly a guest room.  The wife wants an in-home office.  The husband wants country, yet the wife wants the assurance of neighbors.  So they’re talking about that one.  It’s not surprising that this basic information is online in the MLS feeds or real estate portals (office, number of bedrooms, yard size, fence).

But once I learn more about what this or any particular family is looking for, I can use my knowledge of the home and the area and really help them in their search.  I really appreciate those agents who have floor plans in their listing information, captions under the photos, and good listing descriptions.  I’d call them “above and beyond” agents!  Yay, it helps your seller more than you know!

Yet, what happens when we get snow?  Who plows the roads – is it the city or county?  Or nobody?  Are there any neighbor kids who want to earn some extra $$?

What about high-speed Internet access?  Now that’s a big one.  Especially in rural Mid-Missouri!  There are packages out there, yet knowing if the house already is wired for high-speed Internet and what provider they have is imperative for many of today’s buyers!  And where can you go to reach the closest WiFi spot?  It’s really a big deal for those who work from home.

And who are the neighbors, and what kind of pets do they have?   A lot of people want to know if there are leash laws?  Are the dogs friendly?  Are there pet-sitters around if I have to leave town?

What’s the name of a reliable contractor if I want to make modifications to the house I buy?  How reliable are they?

Here’s what people like you can do to help people like me

First: If you are a real estate agent, I can imagine that inputting MLS listings can be tedious and unexciting. But going the extra mile to include all the information you possibly can about a specific listing is, I think, a pretty smart move.  Be as specific as possible about your listing in the description and data you input — trust me, people like me notice and appreciate it. And we will spend more time looking at your listing, too.

Second: If you are a potential home seller, we at Advantage Real Estate would like to promote your property to the ultimate best we can!  We’ll pledge to help find answers to those questions that many home buyers are needing to know!

Third:  If you are a potential home buyer, contact your favorite agent at Advantage Real Estate, and we will go the extra mile to help you find someone to plow your driveway, mow your lawn, or who can help with soccer or baseball leagues or dance lessons!  We’re here to help!

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